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What you can expect:

  • The highest level of writing and design
  • A strong understanding of marketing and B2B industries
  • Quick turnaround for deliverables
  • A team of senior-level experts – no rookies
  • Scheduled check-ins to ensure that everything is on track

Your content, on autopilot.

With our quick-and-easy process, your content production will soon be on autopilot. Our most popular content publishing package includes one blog per month and one infographic and white paper or eBook per quarter, but many clients choose a more active schedule. Simply choose a publishing schedule, and we will do the rest. Just need a one-time creative project? We can do that, too. Lacking a technical team? We are happy to publish blog posts and infographics on your website for you.

Why should you outsource your creative content? When you hire Quatrain, you never have to worry about carving out time to write your next blog post—and the level of writing and professionalism is guaranteed. Our consistent, high-quality content is the result of what we call “extreme pickiness.” We rely on a tried-and-true system to ensure every blog post, case study, or infographic is up to snuff before we send it out into the world.

What does that look like in action? Here’s a little insight into our process:

Step 1:

Understanding Your Story

After you get in touch, we’ll schedule an introductory meeting. During this meeting, our focus is on getting to know you and your organization. What stories are you trying to tell? What makes you different? What are your current strategies, and how are they working? During this meeting, we use our Quatrain content roadmap to guide the conversation and help us narrow down what we can do to best support your goals.

Step 2:

Setting up a Content Cadence

Time is a major reason that organizations outsource creative content development; you’re busy, and content marketing keeps falling to the bottom of your to-do list. We solve this problem by creating a cadence for your next three to six months of content. Then we define a schedule that suits your needs so you know exactly when each piece will be delivered. Our goal? To make it  as easy as possible to publish the very best creative content—on a reliable schedule.

Step 3:

Research and Writing

After we’ve established a cadence, the writing process begins. Depending on the need, we’ll either schedule an interview with a subject matter expert (SME) on your team or we’ll conduct research. Our goal is to get as smart as possible on the topic, while also bringing in any special expertise or angles that your team might have. As part of the writing process, our team goes through multiple rounds of internal edits before sending a polished product to you for review. From there, we work collaboratively to refine the piece until it’s as close to perfect as possible.

Step 4:

Design and Coding

Great creative content is a marriage of writing and design, and our teams work closely with one another to make each deliverable a piece of art. When the copy is ready, it moves to the design team. At this stage, our designers have already received your style guide and have become familiar with your brand. They’ll take the text and transform it into a digestible, eye-catching piece that is easy and fun to read. Just like the writing stage, in the design phase you’ll have a chance to offer feedback and work with the team to get it exactly right.

Step 5:

Evolving With You

Business is ever-evolving, and goals change over time. For that reason, monthly project check-ins are built into our process, ensuring that both the quantity and types of content reflect your current needs. We’re also responsive in between monthly check-ins, helping our clients brainstorm, troubleshoot, or respond to sudden industry disruptions. We pride ourselves on becoming trusted members of your team. Our many long-term clients would say the same.

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