Marketing to All Your Verticals

What’s more effective: a blog post or a case study? How long should a white paper be? And how frequently should I publish content?

Even if you’ve invested a lot of time and energy into your content marketing strategy, you probably have questions. To make that process easier, we created the Quatrain content roadmap.

The Quatrain Content Roadmap

After we start working together, one of our first priorities is building your content roadmap: a plan that aligns your marketing goals with your content production. Are you trying to reach specific audience segments? Are you focused on selling a range of products or services? Does your sales team lack resources? Your content roadmap will offer you a clear path toward building a resource library of content that supports your marketing and sales efforts. The roadmap will determine how much content, what type, and which themes you will start to build out around.

Leveraging content to build your brand requires more than writing a few thoughtful blog posts—and it all starts with a content roadmap. Want to know what the rest of our process looks like? Check out the “Our Process” page to learn more, or schedule a call.

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