4 Ways to Make and Keep Followers Through Quality Content

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Built-in search engine optimization. Colorful graphics. Multiple sponsored posts a day for maximum exposure. An investment in analytics software to track your hits and shares.

You’ve tried it all.

With 90% of all organizations today using content marketing, you need a way to stand out.

Here’s the deal:

Even if you follow insider tips and tricks for gaining social media followers, churning out content won’t help your business unless that content is also engaging and worth reading.

Here are four ways to maximize your marketing dollars and attract customers with engaging content.

1. Invest in Quality Not Quantity

When planning how to best spend your marketing dollars, don’t be tempted by flashy pitches promising instant gratification.

What’s the solution?

The best way to attract new followers and convert them to customers is by creating new and engaging content. Blasting several useless posts will more than likely result in being ignored, while taking the time to craft useful posts results in social media shares—which is the best way to spread your name.

2. Establish Your Expertise

In order to build trust with existing customers as well as attract new ones, you need to prove that you’re the expert. Don’t just purchase ad space on these various platforms. Create organic content that conveys your expertise.

Empty fluff may fill your page and garner extra page views momentarily, but organic content will continue to be useful. And it will get you views and shares long after empty posts have come and gone to the bottom of social media feeds. Using search engine optimization (SEO) keywords wisely in organic content will drive your page views more than paid search engine marketing.

3. Be Visual

Infographics and autoplay videos are the latest content marketing tools that grab social media attention. While creating visual graphics may cost more initially and take more time than blog posts or white papers, posts with graphics are shared at a higher rate than those without.

The best part?

Studies show that when paired with an image, readers remember shared information much better. As often as possible, use visuals in your content marketing to catch the reader’s eye and help them remember your message. Catchy memes and graphics are also useful for sponsored posts on visual social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat.

4. Keep Learning

Quality content marketing is an ever-evolving art form. You are investing a good deal of money into your marketing, and you should also invest from your time. Follow one or more of the top content marketing blogs in order to stay up to date on content marketing trends. These blogs are great places to learn how to spend your marketing dollars. Staying informed and educated also conveys to customers and potential customers that you are dedicated to best practices across your business.

When you produce quality content on a consistent basis, the follows and shares will happen. Use tools such as analytic software to drive this content creation and pay attention to what your audience wants. By focusing on providing quality content, you will convey to your customers that you invest your time and dollars wisely.

Blog Synopsis

Quality content marketing is an ever-evolving art form.
By focusing on providing quality content, you will convey to your customers that you invest your time and dollars wisely.

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