Emily Paterson

Emily Paterson, founder, CEO, and creative director of Quatrain Creative, holds a bachelor’s in English from Yale University and a master’s from the University of Maryland. With a career spanning academia and marketing, Emily brings unique depth to her writing and editing—a knowledge of various styles and research methodologies combined with a strong understanding of new media, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, blogging, and online marketing strategy.

In 2009, Emily founded her own firm, EP Writing, to provide companies with top-level writing services. In 2015, the firm expanded its creative services to include website design, graphic design, and animation. The firm changed its name to reflect the expansion and was reborn as Quatrain Creative in early 2016.

Prior to starting her firm, Emily worked in the writing and editing industry for a decade in a variety of roles, including back-to-back stints as Senior Editor for three different startups. In this capacity, she wrote and edited blog posts, press releases, marketing proposals, white papers, website content, and other content marketing pieces on a daily basis. She also managed a team of 100 bloggers and taught classes on social media and SEO.

At any given moment you’ll find Emily working with clients, performing a wide variety of writing and editing work, or managing her team. In her spare time, Emily enjoys being outside with her family, sailing, skiing, or playing Ultimate frisbee, depending on the season.

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